Hey! 👋🏼

My name is Clarence and I am a UX/UI Designer based in Adelaide, Australia. I love delivering simple solutions to complex problems through research and design thinking. I am delighted to design to delight.

My passion for design began with print and web, and when I realised the importance of human-centred design, I knew that UX/UI Design was the right fit for me.

I bring many transferrable skills from my 5 year military experience and 2 years running a video production company in my previous lives. This augments my UX skillset, bringing about a different and fresh perspective.

When I am not designing for users, I cycle, snowboard, hike, play the guitar. Not in that order nor at the same time, not yet at least.

Coffee? Chat? Bounce ideas? Say hi? Drop me a mail.

CV available upon request.