Packaging — 3PM

tl;dr: Branding and Packaging design of an existing tea box
Photo Credit: Clarence Wee

Logo Development

This was a university project and rebranding the tea brand was part of the brief. I started working on a couple of ideas and settled with 3PM. Roughly when one drinks an afternoon tea.

Initial Logo Ideas

3PM Logo Development
Went with several concepts and narrowed them further.

Finalised Logo

3PM Tea Logo
Settled with a serif/sans serif combination, as a nod to the traditional tea heritage and the modern day tea consumption.

Packaging Development

After much deliberation, went with a similar tea box design as I did not want to overthink the purpose of the packaging.

I chose a brownish 'earthy' box as the main compartment and a red sticker label as a contrasting element. Chose to go with a white ink print on the box as well to make the branding subtle yet present.

This being a rosehip tea, I took careful considerations with choosing the right shade of red – deciding to go with a maroon.
Choosing the right redColour proofing of the redMaking the tags

Final Packaging

Final 3PM Packaging3PM Tea Bag3PM Tea Bag3PM Box3PM Inner Box
Because who does not like a little humour?


This project received a Semi-Finalist place in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018.