Experience + Visual — Vinyl_final1

tl;dr: An interactive installation for a final year Uni project
Photo Credit: Clarence Wee

It started with an idea…

How can I combine my interests into one single exhibit piece?

To combine my love for UX, vinyls, print, typography, photography and cycling (somehow), into something tangible. It was going through digging crates of vinyls where I got the idea. I wanted to translate that experience into this exhibit.

Inspired by the laneways of Melbourne, I was careful to avoid any pretentiousness by housing my exhibit into a humble object you would find in a laneway – a milk crate.

With minor details in the exhibit thrown in for those who explore, the aim was to bring the delight of finding a treasure in a record crate to an interactive exhibit.

The Prep: Cutting

Cutting the record sleeve dieline
The arduous process of cutting the individual record sleeve.

Spin Right Round

Circular Cutting Not EasySticking on Old Records
Repurposing old records.

The Product

It took a week to get everything cut up and stuck together. But by the end of the week, the exhibit came together and I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Strikingly Bold

Vinyl Record Sleeve with RecordVinyl Record SleeveVinyl Record Sleeve Rear
Nothing quite like contrasting colours.

Personal Branding

3PM Tea Logo
Included business cards and stickers with each vinyl album.


Wall of Posters
One poster was included in each vinyl album. Because I love it when I get something more than just music when I buy an album, translated that here. All images used in the shots were from London, Paris and Melbourne.

Out In The Wild

Took the crate out for a photoshoot, because that's how one is usually found, on a field.
Crate of recordsCrate of records in a fieldCrate of records in a field
Got some stares whilst shooting this.


Final 3PM Packaging3PM Tea Bag3PM Tea Bag3PM Box
Looking up close.

Exhibit Time

Vinyl_final1 ExhibitVinyl_final1
Display time.

And Out In The Streets

Vinyl crate in a laneway
Nothing quite like seeing it in a dark laneway.